Registration Now Open for Summer 2019!

Summer Immersion Drop Off Program

Class time period: One Week – 9am-11am – Mon – Fri – $250 ($225 Sibling)

 July 15th– 19th (Several Sessions available)

Want something different to do this summer? Join Small World Languages for an immersive language program including games, arts & crafts, and time outside on our playground!  Immersion is the best way to learn.  So drop your kids off with us and we’ll immerse them in language and fun!

Only 6 Spots per program! Sign up now!

Little Learner (PreK) & Early Learner (Grades K-2)

Class time period: 50 Minutes

One Class Per Week (8 Weeks) – $250

Two classes Per Week (8 Weeks) – $400

Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Our Little Learner and Early Learner classes are interactive classes designed to teach vocabulary, practical phrases, and pronunciation skills through interactive games, songs, arts and crafts, storytelling, and more.  Our instructors are trained to keep children active and engaged in order to encourage enthusiasm for learning a foreign language while having fun.  Our curriculum has been developed by experienced preschool and elementary school teachers, fluent foreign language speakers, and professionals with degrees in Early Childhood Education.  Our staff has also developed take-home activities to provide you with the tools to reinforce what your child has learned during each class.

Class Schedule

LanguageClass TypeDay & TimeInstructor
SpanishLittle Learners (PreK)Wednesday 5:00-5:50pmCristina
SpanishLittle Learners (PreK)Saturday 9:00-9:50amClaudio
SpanishEarly Learners (Grades K-2)Wednesday 5:00-5:50pmClaudio
SpanishEarly Learners (Grades K-2)Saturday 10:00-10:50amClaudio
FrenchLittle Learners (PreK)Saturday 9:00-9:50amSabine
FrenchEarly Leaners (Grades K-2)Saturday 9:00-9:50amSabine
GermanLittle Learners (PreK)Saturday 9:00-9:50amMaria
GermanEarly Leaners (Grades K-2)Saturday 9:00-9:50amMaria
ItalianLittle Learners (Pre-K)Wednesday 4:00-4:50pmSarah
ItalianLittle Learners (Pre-K)Saturday 9:00-9:50amSarah
ItalianEarly Learners (Grades K-2)Wednesday 5:00-5:50pmSarah
ItalianEarly Learners (Grades K-2)Saturday 10:00-10:50amSarah

After School Program

We are constantly working with local PTAs/PTOs, Boards of Education, and School Administrators to make our program more accessible and more affordable to children in our local communities.  One of the ways in which we do this is to bring our Small World Languages program directly to the schools at dismissal time in the form of After-School Programs.  These programs eliminate the need for student pick-ups and drop-offs, helping to ease your busy schedules that are full of children activities. Learn more by visiting our After school programs page.

Junior Learner (Grades 3-5)

Class time period: 50 Minutes

One Class Per Week (8 Weeks) – $250

Two classes Per Week (8 Weeks) – $400

Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Our Junior Learner classes are designed in much the same way as the Little Learner and Early Learner classes.  Everyone has to start somewhere when they learn a second language, and fun games, activities, and stories are good vehicles for any age.  However, our Junior Learner classes have a couple important distinctions.  First, while the conversational aspect of the foreign language is still our focus, the children are old enough to start learning reading, writing, spelling, and grammar in the foreign language.  While the younger child is learning new vocab words or phrases, our goal is that the older child will also learn how to read and write what they’ve learned.  Second, older children are are better-able to grasp abstract concepts, such as cultural differences, and our instructors will incorporate information related to the different culture(s) who speak the specific language, including customs, traditions, holidays, food, dress, and more.  Our goal for these students is not just that they learn to speak a second language, but that they learn to appreciate and respect the diversity that these languages represent.

Class Schedule

LanguageDate & TimeInstructor
SpanishWednesday 4:00-4:50pmClaudio
SpanishSaturday 11:00-11:50amClaudio
FrenchSaturday 10:00-10:50amSabine
GermanSaturday 10:00-10:50amMaria
ItalianWednesday 5:00-5:50pmSarah
ItalianSaturday 10:00-10:50amSarah

Little Signing (ages 0 – 2)

This summer, we are pleased to present our Little Signing program at the Cheshire Public Library. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Cheshire Public Library and is free to our local families. Click on the registration button below to be taken to the CPL page for more information and to register for the program.

Come learn some baby sign language during an interactive class filled with music, stories, and movement based on the popular Baby Signing Time collection. Designed to help you and your child communicate and to encourage the development of speech / language skills, these classes quickly and effectively teach you essential signs in a way that will help you and your child remember them.  Our goal is to reduce frustration for both you and your child by providing them with the tools to communicate through signing while also encouraging bonding and fun interaction with your child as well as other parents with young children in the community. 

Private/Semi-Private Lessons and Tutoring (ALL ages!)

Class time period: 50 minutes

Private Lessons & Tutoring: $45 per class

Semi-Private Lessons (2 Students) $37.50 per student per class

None of our current classes fit in your schedule? Have children older than our current class offerings? Need that extra edge for middle school or high school classes? Do you prefer more individualized attention for your child/children? Are you an adult looking to broaden your horizons? Are you traveling to lands abroad and need our help?

We are actively working to develop curriculums for additional age ranges. In the meantime, our instructors have experience teaching and tutoring all age ranges, and we are happy to offer private or semi-private lessons and tutoring to the entire community. These are scheduled per request, and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule and work with you to understand your needs and objectives and create a unique plan tailored specifically to you!

Foreign Travel Crash Course

Going on a trip to a foreign country and don’t speak the language? We can help! Our native speakers and instructors with advanced degrees in curriculum and instruction are designing a travel crash course curriculum to help you learn essential phrases and vocabulary for foreign travel. Similar to our private/semi-private lessons, these are scheduled per request, and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule and to tailor the course to meet your needs.

If you have any questions we would be happy to discuss anything with you.

Email us at:

Phone: 203.516.1663