Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Carmen!!!

My name is Carmen. I was born and raised in Naples, Italy. I got my undergraduate degree in ‘Linguistics’ (Russian, Italian and English) at Orientale University of Naples” and my MA in ‘Italian Studies’ at Central Connecticut State University. I currently work as an Italian teacher in a public high school. I have taught English in a middle school in Italy and tutored college students at CCSU.

As an Italian teacher, I believe in bringing the content to life, making lessons enjoyable, purposeful, practical and most importantly, making lessons memorable. As an educator, I believe in making an impact, molding minds, establish good habits, and creating a learning environment, in which students feel valued, supported and respected. I believe in teaching them the value of communication, in Italian and English. I want to empower students by giving them access to another culture and inspiring them to want to learn more.

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