Mon nom est Sabine Rézette Lederer. My husband, my three children, and I have been Cheshire residents since 2014. Before that we lived in California.

I am a native French speaker. I come from Belgium, a French, Dutch and German-speaking country. Since I grew up in a multilingual country – more specifically in Brussels, capital of Europe – I am particularly sensitive to the opportunity and the need to be multilingual : what a wonderful opening to others and their cultures!
We speak French at home, so my children, between 5.5 and 9 years old, speak French and English. They play together in both languages, without any preference. Exposing your young children to other languages, giving them the opportunity to enlarge their world is a great gift!

I studied law in French and Dutch and worked as a lawyer in both languages during almost 15 years before we moved to US 8 years ago.

I tutor both children and adults. I have been teaching French at the Cheshire Adult Education since 2016. I work at Darcey School and volunteer at Highland Elementary School. After school hours, I am … “taximom”.
I am grateful to be able to share my language and culture with our community and love working with all good will of all ages.

C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer!